Setting Up Dual Monitors On One Desktop PC

Having trouble setting up dual monitors to you PC? Watch this video and fin out how to do exactly that. (more…)

Different types of PC monitors

The monitor is the primary output device of a computer. We can observe images on the monitor which are actually composed of arrays of light spots. Each point of light reflected on the screen is called a pixel.


Monitors can be classified into two broad based on color and technology used. Monitors have been evolving with the objective of offering higher performance and improving the quality of images.

In the most common cases, it is a device based on a cathode ray tube (CRT) such as televisions, while the new laptops and monitors use a flat screen with liquid crystal display (LCD). Information is represented by pixel, the smallest unit on a monitor. Each pixel on the screen lights up with a certain color to form the image. Thus, the greater the number of pixels represented on a screen, the higher will be its resolution. (more…)

Different types of TV Wall Mounts

A mounted flat screen television creates a sleek look and gives a modern edge to any interior design. It is their light weight and shallow depth that makes them so suitable for wall hanging. TV wall mounts not only create a beautifully clean appearance, they are also extremely space efficient.

Flat mounts have the neatest look, as they hold the television as close to the wall as possible. They hide any unattractive cables and allow the monitor to sit as little as an inch away. However, since they are completely upright, they must be hung at the correct height within the optimum viewing range. (more…)

Evolution of the PC monitor

If you are looking for relevant information on LCD TV and computer monitors, you definitely came to the right place! Here, you will find anything and everything about LCD monitors and the likes. You can browse for essential information and tips on getting the right monitor for your desktop PC. It’s important to get the right monitor as it greatly affects your computing experience. You can always make do with a slower computer, but it’s hard to use one with a defective monitor. This just shows the importance of getting the right monitor! (more…)

Like in the cinema!

LG Company introduced his first “all-in-one” PC named V300 at the Asian IT fair “Computex 2011″.

Korean company LG has presented in the Asian IT fair “Computex 2011″ his first “all-in-one” PC – V300. This computer is running “Intel” processors last generation Cor i3, i5 and i7. There is a FRP screen of 23 inches, in ful HD 1080p resolution with LED backlight.

There is also the IPS technology, which allows you to fully enjoy watching and using computers. A built-in RAM 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz, 750GB HDD, and graphics card Radeon HD 6650 1GB DDR3, or “Intel” HD 3000. (more…)

Monitor with a clear picture

Monitors with major diagonals are all over the world as well as the domestic market, bringing maximum enjoyment of multimedia content and a large diagonal at quite reasonable prices. In a sea of different solutions to a potential buyer can lose and choose something which is not according to his measure, but he seemed at the time of purchase as an ideal solution. To avoid this situation, you should always seek universal monitor, and one that comes from the ViewSonic Company.

ViewSonic VX2439wm monitor is a modern design that will fit in any work or home environment. The simple lines and sharp edges with a gloss finish and heart-shaped base. From the model name is not difficult to conclude that it is a 24-inch display with a TN matrix with a pixel response of 2 ms. Its maximum resolution is set to 1920×1080 pixels, and are available to VGA, DVI and HDMI 1.3 inputs. (more…)

Zooming in on the web

Microsoft has created a service called, a free web tool for viewing and sharing high-resolution photos. created by people from Microsoft Live Labs branches, and is based on some earlier ventures (Seadragon) whose role was similar – zoom, preview images on the web. works extremely simple, you just put the link to an image or text in the box on the official site tools ( If you’re used to typing their own parameters in the address bar, you can do so by adding = front of the picture or page you want to process in this program. is able to modify any image on the web, and the output is converted to a Deep Zoom Image (DHS), in addition to standard image formats (BMP, JPG, GIF …), has support for PDF documents, SVG files.

It should be noted that when converting a PDF document process only the first page, while all other parameters must be added at the end of the URL to convert, and that there is no support for Flash.

Besides this, there is an application that is intended for use on mobile devices with touchscreen option.

Development of Live Labs is a tool implemented in Application Programming Interface (API), so users can get it, if you know how, improve. (more…)

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